Snowie has arrived in Allentown!

We at Snowie Allentown are so excited to have opened our business in the Lehigh Valley.  We were born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, and had been exploring a personal business idea for quite some time.

We first discovered shaved ice when we went to St Louis to visit a friend years back.  It was so hot there!  Whew!  Having shaved ice was so refreshing and helped to cool us down in the summer heat.  We knew we had to bring this to the Lehigh Valley.

Snowie Allentown serves up fresh shaved ice, served up in three different sizes.  We have a variety of flavors which you have the flexibility to choose from.  Mix and match, try out blended flavors to suit your taste palette.

We debuted our business last fall at the West End World Food Festival, Champion Center Block Party, Allentown Arts Fest amongst others.  We are already signing up for a slew of events in 2017.  We hope to see you there so you can try some Snowie of your own!